Search Engine Optimisation

So you know you need Search Engine Optimisation but don’t know where to start? There are many companies contacting you to make it happen charging upwards of £500 per month!  At Think Creativ we make it simple, cost effective and we can meet your budget!

Unlike some Search Engine Optimisation companies we only charge you once per keyword. How many keywords you have is down to your budget and as you make more money as a result of SEO, you can spend a little more.

Search Engine Optimisation at Think Creativ Bishops Stortford

How does it work?

First things first, give us a call. We need to know about your online business to advise you of the best keywords to use. For instance, a client recently wanted to be seen in 3 major locations for his painting and decorating services, Bishops Stortford, Harlow and Chelmsford. We offered him 3 keywords for these locations and now he is on the first page of Google for all 3 within 2 weeks and receiving enquiries! Sound good?

We only charge you once per keyword. You will never have to pay for a keyword again. You will benefit from stats to show how well your keyword is working for you and how much traffic it is driving to your website.

We can offer you keywords at £20 each, forever!

The cost of offline advertising is huge as is the time you need to spend on your Search Engine Optimisation. Think Creativ takes care of this for you and all you need to do is answer the enquiries or pick up the telephone as the keywords start working for your business.

We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation for WordPress websites so contact us today for a free no obligation quote and a chat!

Search Engine Optimisation from Think Creativ